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Breakthrough    treatment 
for wound      healing

wound dressing
in a gel

Advanced film-forming wound dressing used after surgery, full field procedures and on deep wounds

  • Protection and hydration of the wound
  • Allows scar management to begin immediately post procedures
   Clinical      efficacy

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Wound healing progress after MOHS surgery reconstruction. Monotherapeutic treatment using Stratamed for 60 days.

Expert opinion

We use Stratamed immediately after we finish with our suture on the contact line between the two edges of the wound. This provides a nice envelope to protect any wound at its earliest, most delicate phase of repair. It builds a protected environment for healing to begin.

Dr. Leonardo Marini, Trieste, Italy

Stratamed and Stratacel are the first film occlusive agents that we can actually put on the wounds immediately, and we never had that. So even if somebody has an open wound or a closed wound with sutures we don’t have to wait for the sutures to come out.

Dr. Michael Gold, Nashville, TN, USA

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